Thursday, February 11, 2010

These are my Goofs!

These are my goofs!  I have been a bad mommy, a very bad mommy.  But I'm probably more like other mommies than I think because I have a photo album (yes the first goof and the second goof too were born before I ever owned a digital camera, so photos were taken the old-fashioned way) full of pictures of the first goof and absolutely nothing for the second.  Just a lot of envelopes full of unsorted, uncatalogued photos that have been unorganized for about 11 years.   I ran across a box of these photos the other day and felt shame, deep shame at what a hapless mommy I have become.  I don't even know what hapless means, but it sure seems to fit this situation.  Nothing has happed for too long!

 I have decided to catalogue these photos somehow and bring my memories up to date, if I can.  And to remember and share my two great goofs.

The goofs are much older now.  They are in their orthodontia years.  Faces full of metal and stuck pieces of brocolli and whatnot (well the older one anyway).  The older goof is in his full fledged adolescence.  The younger one still teetering on the brink.  But when I look back at these pictures they still are my goofs and always will be.  That's really the take home message I have learned about being a hapless mommy. 

Here's to my goofs as they enter the "best years of their lives."   Good luck!


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  1. Mac, this is fabulous...! And you're not a bad mommy. Just ask "Phinnaeus" and "Marigold", they'll tell you.

    That picture of them on the beach is my favorite picture.

    Brocolli in the teeth? With the rubber bands? Oh, goodness. *heh*